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5 Tips for Buying Artwork for Your Home or Office

5 Tips for Buying Artwork for Your Home or Office

Looking for a place to buy art prints online? Superfine Prints has a collection of more than four hundred extraordinary photographs from artists all over the globe; so far, we have work from photographers living and working across six continents. To help make the shopping process a bit more seamless, we put together this handy list of tips for anyone wanting to buy photography art prints, whether you’re just getting started or already have an established collection.



'Misty woods' by Tiina Törmänen

'Misty woods' by Tiina Törmänen

Tip 1: Learn everything you can.

This is a big one. The photography art prints for sale on Superfine Prints all have fascinating stories, so read up on the people who made them. There’s beauty to be found in the details; for example, the Midwest photographer Michael McCluskey drew inspiration from memories of his grandparents’ house when creating Strange Yet Familiar, while the Finnish photographer Tiina Törmänen found solace and peace by returning to the winter woods of Lapland after years in the big city. Learning more about the art prints you find online will only deepen your connection with them for years to come.

Tip 2: Browse online.

While art collecting was once the domain of the elite, the digital revolution has ushered in a more democratic age. Visit museums and galleries often to get a better sense of what you love, but don’t feel like you have to shell out the big bucks. Superfine Prints is home to both established and emerging photographers, and we pride ourselves on having some true hidden gems you can’t find anywhere else. It’s 2018! Everyone can afford great art, and there are some fantastic places to buy art prints online.

Tip 3: Think about where your artwork will be displayed. 

Shopping for photography isn’t only about making an investment for the future; the art you buy will become a part of your daily life and routine, so take a moment to think about what kind of imagery will truly bring your own personal space to life. While you might want something colorful and abstract to add interest to your workspace, perhaps you can imbue your bedroom with a softer, more nostalgic touch by buying photos with a vintage theme. If you already have a lot going on in the living room, a minimal photography art print might be just the thing to bring it all together.

Tip 4: Don’t limit yourself.

Your art collection will grow as you grow. It’s okay for your tastes to evolve; embrace change, and look for the unexpected. Great art collectors experiment and have fun. Keep a running folder full of images you love, and add to it regularly. Or keep notes on moments that inspire you as you go about your everyday life. Spend time with the photographs you already have in your collection, and daydream about the future. When you buy artwork for your home or office, you’re making a statement about who you are. Keep your mind and eyes open, and you might surprise yourself.

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