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‘Show Me Slowly What I Only Know The Limits Of’ by Andrea Lambe
'Way to go' by David Korsten
'Walk This Way' by Shirren Lim
'Untitled. Dunes, Empty Quarter, Abu Dhabi' by Olga Petroff
'The “Chief’s Face”' by Stephen Chong
'The moon and a drone' by Christianne Ebel
'The Cloud' by David Korsten
'the abandoned mirror' by Bryson Prior
'Stream' by Brittany Kelley
'stop and smell the roses' by Sudarsana Mohanty
'Sherbert' by Regina Ruiz
'Orthonormal Basis' by Sébastien Bulenger
'Nuarro' by Marc Schindl
'Moon from Douglas Park, Vancouver' by Ian McCartney
'half the world away' by Emma Iris Benson
'Gnomons' by Las Coleccionistas
'Flowers in the Sky' by Alison Schmitz
'E2-ABZU ( House of The Cosmic Waters)' by Dylan Demarchi
'Dune in the Valley of the Moon' by Daniel Rolider
'Dissolved Girl' by Kate Minear Sorenson
'Detached' by Sebastian Nilander
'Blended Space no. 2’ by Niqui Carter
'Blended Space no. 1’ by Niqui Carter
'Azzurro' by David Korsten
'a tale of two sunsets' by Sudarsana Mohanty
'A Ocean in the Sky' by Alison Schmitz
"Mirrored" by Richard S. Chow
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