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Animals photography art prints for sale – dogs and puppies, cats, wildlife and domestic animals

The animal kingdom is full of wonders, whether you’re exploring the remotest wilderness or your own backyard. Photographers have reflected on our relationship with animals for generations; while some have documented the extraordinary bonds between people and their pets, others have recorded the lives and habitats of wild animals from faraway corners of the globe.

At Superfine Prints, you’ll discover animals photography art prints with all kinds of different stories to tell. Consider the work of Dmitry Gomberg, who spent years living with the high-mountain shepherds of the Caucasus, or take a look at the image Michelle Loren, who encountered a trio of slumbering dogs while visiting Teotihuacán in the Valley of Mexico. We present this carefully curated collection of animals photography artwork for sale, including photographs of dogs and puppies, cats, wildlife and domestic animals. All of our prints are exclusive and limited edition and available online.

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'two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl' by Henk van der Stouw
'Himalayan sunset | Nepal 2018' by Marco Sacco
‘Whispering’ by Felix Koschel
‘Dogs of Teotihuacán’ by Michelle Loren
'Through Siberia' by Dmitry Gomberg
'The Cat Next Door' by Joel DeGraff
'Pink Flamingo. Memphis, Tennessee, 2015' by Andrew Diffee
'Lone Cow' by Vinita Barretto
'Lilly' by Emiliano Zúñiga Hernández
'Hose Drinkers' by Maggi Bixler
'Funeral for Clay' by Sara Rubinstein
'Fleeting Appearances' by Emiliano Zúñiga Hernández
'Cowboy in the City' by Goran Pavletic
'Bull' by Joris Hermans
'a tale of two sunsets' by Sudarsana Mohanty
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