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Horticulture photography art prints for sale – flowers, plants

In 1843, a botanist by the name of Anna Atkins did something radical: instead of drawing plants as her peers had done for centuries, she created a book of cyanotypes of all different sorts of flora. Today, that volume, titled ​Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions,is considered to be the first book ever illustrated with photographs. Since then, horticulture photographers throughout history have followed in her footsteps, marrying their passions for gardening and creating art.

We invite you to browse our collection of horticulture photography artwork for sale through Superfine Prints. These beautiful photographs of plants and flowers will spruce up any home or office, and they are all available online. In the spirit of Anna Atkins, our horticulture photography art prints will make the perfect gift for gardeners and art-lovers alike.

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