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‘Fallen elevated water tank, 2017’ by Alfredo Esparza


Alfredo Esparza was born in 1980 in Torreón, México, and currently splits his time between Torreón and Mexico City. He has exhibited throughout Mexico, the United States, Italy, and Spain, and has had multiple artist residencies in Mexico and Iceland. In his work, Esparza investigates the “borderline spots between civilization and nature.”

This image is from the project ‘Terra Nullius.’ “These photographs record the traces of uncontrolled exploitation of the territory in different areas of northern Mexico,” the artist writes. “These are spaces that once were colonized but now are uninhabited because of the overuse of environmental resources, such as land and water, which has led to the destruction of complete ecosystems. Now, these zones are in a kind of limbo, where humans cannot use them, and the environment can be completely restored.”

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