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Minimal photography artwork for sale | minimalist art prints

The term “minimalism” first popped up in the art world in the 1960s. These artists favored simplicity over complexity; in minimalism, there was no need for hidden implications or overdone compositions. Everything could be taken at face value, and there was beauty to be found in restraint. Perhaps the painter/sculptor explained it best when he said simply, ​“What you see is what you see.”

Back then, minimalism was radical, but fifty-plus years later, minimalism has gone mainstream. Just look at Instagram, where popular hashtags like #mindtheminimal, #ig_minimalistic, and #minimalmood reign supreme. We’re proud to have stunning minimal photography art prints for sale right here on Superfine Prints. Life in the 21st century is busy enough as it is; minimal photography provides a respite from the noise. If you’re looking to add a new piece to your home or office, browse work by minimalist photographers from all over the globe.

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'Birds of a Feather' by Naomi Sakata
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