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‘OPEN-ARAMINGO-120917 854pm’ by Ronald W Waite


Ronald W Waite studied fine art at SVA in New York and lives and works in the East Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. His beginnings were as a painter and installation artist, and he has always used photography as a sort of sketchbook; however, in recent years, the photographs have taken a central role in his work. Waite's photographs are in many ways an exploration of patterns within the ordinary, pointing to an intrinsic narrative that is takes place all around us.

"This image is from the series 'ARAMINGO', based on a road in NE Philadelphia," the photographer writes. "My wife and I had just gotten our Christmas tree when we were driving past this spot. It is a spot that just screams “I am here, I am open, take the damn shot!!" and there is never anything subtle about it either. Sometimes it’s the trash strewn around that makes it appealing; other times, it’s a heroin addict, framed by those large red letters, in the impossible posture of falling down while standing up. This time, it was the driving snow."

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