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‘The Moons of Jupiter’ by George Pavlopoulos


George Pavlopoulos was born in Athens, Greece in 1980. He is the author of three novels, 300 Kelvin in the Afternoon (2007), Steam (2011), and The Limit and the Wave (2014), as well as several travelogues. His second novel "Steam" is in the permanent collection of Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia libraries. George is also a dedicated street photographer, presenting part of his work on his Instagram account. He currently lives in Berlin.

"In the late 90's, Voyager 1 photographed Jupiter and its four planet-size moons, called the Galilean satellites," the artist writes. "The image that NASA presented had a structure that reminds me of the composition of this photo. There are three persons in the photo; we only see their backs. But if you look closer, there is something like a face and an eye above in the mid-top left. The resemblance to NASA's image is clear to me. I wanted somehow to shoot a tribute-photo for that image that was stuck in my mind for almost two decades."

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