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'Tiny Thai Slippers' by Darren Lee


Darren M. Lee is a commercial photographer and creative director based in Santa Cruz, California. His career began as a color-corrector, processing analog film in the back of a photo studio and camera shop in the early 90s. From there, Darren’s professional path has led to a vast and varied portfolio of photography, design work and writings. 

It was only recently that Darren began to share his artistic photographic works. His creative collection highlights the geometry of life, the complex yet effortless structure that supports everything around us. Finding complexity within simplicity. “Lines and shapes, color and void, whether man-made or of nature, connect me. Tuning in to the geometry of life is profound.” In contrast to natural order, Darren prefers the unpredictability of cross-processed film. “Even the most organized and logical constructs are subject to chaos.” @darren_m_lee_photography 

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