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'Veil Walking along the beach in Sri Lanka' by Dominique Smith


After a successful career in finance, both in the For-Profit and Non-Profit sector, Dominique, a Chartered Financial Analyst, attended Speos Paris Photographic Institute in France where she studied photojournalism. She is currently a member of the disaster assessment response team (DART) with All Hands Volunteers, a US 501c3 where she was CFO from 2011 to 2014. 

Dominique is a freelance photographer, resident of Bermuda who sees the use of photography as a tool for social change, the photographic image, a powerful media. 

Her work has featured at the Alliance Francaise and the Empty Quarter Gallery in Dubai, Emmaus and Speos in France and Architeturra Senza Frontiere in Italy. Dominique has contributed work to Emmaus in France, as well as, All Hands Volunteers, a US NGO and volunteered with Photographers without Borders in August 2017 where she took on a photographic assignment for Capokolam, a UK NGO. 

You can also find Dominique's blog at Right Brain Left Brain.

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