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‘Just Another Form of Memory’ by Suzan Pektas


Suzan Pektas is a self-taught photographer based in Istanbul, Turkey, a city that has inspired much of her work. With a focus on what she calls the “unseen stories” of daily life, Pektas captures characters lost in their own inner worlds.

“I am mostly concerned with the existence and consciousness of the individual,” the artist writes. “Many of these individuals, irrespective of the space they exist in, are in a deep solitude, untouched. I aim to capture and recreate this solitude, not in a sad sense, but rather as an appreciation of ordinary people and their singular consciousness. I want to create a connection to our emotional layers and to show how intense they are and how they shape us.”

Pektas has a flourishing Instagram following and has exhibited work in Turkey and abroad. Follow her at @sznpkt.

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